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Unlike other factoring loan companies, our program includes the following features at no additional charge:

• 24 hour funding on approved invoices
• Highest advance rates in the industry
• Credit analysis on new and existing customers
• Continuous collection management and follow up on factored invoices
• Invoice and statement mailing (postage included)
• Account status inquiries anytime; 24/7 online account access.

Our flexibility allows you to maintain control:

• You select accounts you prefer to factor on an invoice by invoice basis.
• You control total factoring costs by only factoring on an "as needed" basis.

Up to 97% Advance Rates:

Advance rates are based on overall risk associated with a particular industry as well as experience and track record. We hold reserve accounts to accommodate industries which typically experience dilution and that we would otherwise not be able to service. Advance rates range from 80% to 97% of the gross invoice amount.

Factoring Loan Fee Structures:

Fees are determined based on your industry, the credit worthiness of your customers, how quickly your invoices turn, and monthly factoring volume.

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What is a Factoring Loan?
Cash flow is one of the main reasons businesses fail. At one time or another, every business, even successful ones, have experienced poor cash flow. Cash flow does not have to be a problem any more. Do not be fooled -- banks are
not the only places you can get funding. Other solutions are available and you do not have to borrow.
One solution is called
account receivable factoring. Factoring is
the process of selling
invoices to an
investor rather than waiting to collect the
money from the customer.

Oh, the Irony…
Account receivable Factoring has an ironic distinction: It is the
financial backbone of many of America's most successful businesses.
Why is this ironic? Because
receivable factoring is not taught in business colleges, is seldom mentioned in business financing plans and is relatively
unknown to the majority of American business people. Yet it is a financing process that frees up billions of dollars every year,enabling thousands of businesses to grow and prosper.

Receivable Factoring has been around for
thousands of years. Factors are investors who pay
cash for the right to receive the future payments on your invoices.
An unpaid receivable or invoice has value. It is a debt your customer has agreed to pay in the near future

Is a Factoring Loan For You?
The key to knowing if factoring is for you is to not to look only at the bottom-line invoice factoring fee, but also to consider how your company may increase
its profits through factoring.

 Top 50 Cities for Factoring Loan Companies

New York, New York (pop 8,084,316)

  1. op 50 Cities for Account Receivable Factoring
    1. Los Angeles, California Invoice Discounting Factoring Company (3,798,981)
    2. Chicago, Illinois Receivables Factoring Company (2,886,251)
    3. Houston, Texas Factoring Account Receivable Company (2,009,834)
    4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Receivables Factoring Company( 1,492,231)
    5. Phoenix, Arizona Invoice Discounting Company( 1,371,960)
    6. San Diego, California Invoice Financing Factoring Company ( 1,259,532)
    7. Dallas, Texas Invoice Factoring Account Receivable Company( 1,211,467)
    8. San Antonio, Texas Invoice Discounting Factoring Company (1,194,222)
    9. Detroit, Michigan  Invoice Finance Company ( 925,051)
    10. San Jose, California Factoring Account Receivable Company ( 900,443)
    11. Indianapolis, Indiana Receivables Factoring Company ( 783,612)
    12. San Francisco, California Factoring Company ( 764,049)
    13. Columbus, Ohio Invoice Financing Company( 725,228)
    14. Austin, Texas Invoice Buyer Factoring Company ( 671,873)
    15. Baltimore, Maryland Factoring Company ( 638,614)
    16. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Factoring Company(590,895)
    17. Boston, Massachusetts Invoice Buyer Factoring Company( 589,281)
    18. Washington, District of Columbia Receivables Factoring Company ( 570,898)
    19. El Paso, Texas Factoring Company (pop 577,415)
    20. Seattle, Washington Receivables Factoring Company ( 570,426)
    21. Denver, Colorado Invoice Discounting Company( 560,415)
    22. Charlotte, North Carolina Factoring Company ( 580,597)
    23. Fort Worth, Texas Invoice Factoring Company ( 567,516)
    24. Portland, Oregon Invoice Financing Factoring Company( 539,438)
    25. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Invoice Finance Factoring Company( 519,034)
    26. Tucson, Arizona Factoring Account Receivable Company ( 503,151)
    27. New Orleans, Louisiana Invoice Factoring Company ( 473,681)
    28. Las Vegas, Nevada Invoice Funding Factoring Company( 508,604)
    29. Cleveland, Ohio Invoice Factoring Company( 467,851)
    30. Long Beach, California Invoice Discounting Factoring Company( 472,412)
    31. Albuquerque, New Mexico Invoice Finance Factoring Company( 463,874)
    32. Kansas City, Missouri Factoring Account Receivable Company( 443,471)
    33. Fresno, California Invoice Buyer Factoring Company( 445,227)
    34. Virginia Beach, Virginia Factoring Account Receivable Company( 433,934)
    35. Atlanta, Georgia Factoring Company ( 424,868)
    36. Sacramento, California Invoice Financing Factoring Company( 435,245)
    37. Oakland, California Factoring Company ( 402,777)
    38. Mesa, Arizona Invoice Discounting Factoring Company( 426,841)
    39. Tulsa, Oklahoma Invoice Funding Factoring Company ( 391,908)
    40. Omaha, Nebraska Factoring Account Receivable Company( 399,357)
    41. Minneapolis, Minnesota Invoice Funding Factoring Company( 375,635)
    42. Honolulu, Hawaii Receivables Factoring Company( 378,155)
    43. Colorado Springs, Colorado Factoring Company( 371,182)
    44. St. Louis, Missouri Invoice Buyer Factoring Company ( 338,353)
    45. Wichita, Kansas Factoring Company(pop 355,126)
    46. Santa Ana, California Receivables Factoring Company ( 343,413)
    47. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Invoice Buyer Factoring Company( 327,898)
    48. Arlington, Texas Factoring Company ( 349,944)
    49. Cincinnati, Ohio Factoring Company (323,885)

    50. Anaheim, California Receivables Factoring Company( 332,642)
    51. Toledo, Ohio Factoring Company (309,106)
    52. Buffalo, New York Factoring Company( 287,698)
    53. St. Paul, Minnesota Factoring Company( 284,037)
    54. Corpus Christi, Texas Receivables Factoring Company( 278,520)
    55. Aurora, Colorado Invoice Discounting Factoring Company( 286,028)
    56. Raleigh, North Carolina Invoice Finance Factoring Company( 306,944)
    57. Newark, New Jersey Factoring Company( 277,000)
    58. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky Receivables Factoring Company ( 263,618)
    59. Anchorage, Alaska Invoice Factoring Company( 268,983)
    60. Louisville, Kentucky Invoice Financing Factoring Company (251,399)
    61. Riverside, California Invoice Discounting Company(274,226)
    62. Bakersfield, California Factoring Company( 260,969)
    63. Stockton, California Factoring Company ( 262,835)
    64. Birmingham, Alabama Factoring Account Receivable Company( 239,416)
    65. Jersey City, New Jersey Factoring Company ( 240,100)
    66. Norfolk, Virginia Invoice Finance Factoring Company( 239,036)
    67. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Invoice Discounting Factoring Company( 225,702)
    68. Hialeah, Florida Factoring Company ( 228,149)
    69. Lincoln, Nebraska Invoice Financing Factoring Company ( 232,362)
    70. Greensboro, North Carolina Invoice Funding Factoring Company(228,217)
    71. Plano, Texas Factoring Company ( 238,091)
    72. Rochester, New York Factoring Company ( 217,158)
    73. Glendale, Arizona Factoring Company( 230,564)
    74. Akron, Ohio Factoring Company( 214,349)
    75. Garland, Texas Factoring Company( 219,646)
    76. Madison, Wisconsin Invoice Factoring Company( 215,211)
    77. Fort Wayne, Indiana Factoring Company( 210,070)
    78. Fremont, California Factoring Company( 206,856)
    79. Scottsdale, Arizona Factoring Company( 215,779)
    80. Montgomery, Alabama Invoice Buyer Factoring Company( 201,425)
    81. Shreveport, Louisiana Invoice Factoring Company( 199,033)
    82. Lubbock, Texas Factoring Company ( 203,715)
    83. Chesapeake, Virginia Factoring Company( 206,665)
    84. Mobile, Alabama Factoring Company ( 194,862)
    85. Des Moines, Iowa Factoring Company ( 198,076)
    86. Grand Rapids, Michigan Factoring Company ( 196,595)
    87. Richmond, Virginia Factoring Company ( 197,456)
    88. Yonkers, New York Factoring Company ( 197,234)
    89. Spokane, Washington Factoring Company ( 196,305)
    90. Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia Invoice Finance Factoring Company ( 193,101)
    91. Glendale, California Factoring Company ( 199,430)
    92. Tacoma, Washington Invoice Discounting Factoring Company ( 197,553)
    93. Irving, Texas Invoice Financing Factoring Company ( 196,119)
    94. Huntington Beach, California Account Receivable Factoring Company ( 193,799)
    95. Arlington, Virginia Factoring Company ( 189,927)
    96. Modesto, California Invoice Funding Factoring Companya ( 203,555)
    97. Durham, North Carolina Invoice Discounting Factoring Company( 195,914)
    98. Boise, Idaho Factoring Account Receivable Company ( 189,847)
    99. Winston-Salem, North Carolina  Invoice Finance Company ( 188,934) New York, New York ( 8,084,316)



Factoring Loan Fee Structures:
Fees are determined based on your industry, the credit worthiness of your customers, how quickly your invoices turn, and monthly factoring volume.

To learn more,
Please contact
one of our
regional offices at

 On-Line Factoring Request Form  

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